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Basquiat’s Muse African Necklace

Basquiat’s Muse African Necklace

This piece was inspired by the great graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Here we use African glass beads and a unique Gold Crown. The Gold crown was used throughout Basquiat’s work to show appreciation and respect for the great black influencers of his time be they artist, musicians, poets, athletes, composers, teachers, Etc. Black is King. 

24 -30 inches. Your choice. 

Care instructions: To extend the life of the woods, ethnic bone beads, and metals used in this piece,  keep away from water, oils, and any other substance or source that may corrode materials. 

Storage: it is best to store your natural pieces in a cloth or cloth bag to avoid scratching and rubbing against other jewelry. 
Disclaimer: Our unique beautiful pieces are made for adults. Please keep away from children as the small pieces may present a choking hazard. Thank you.  

*Pieces shown in various light.